Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

As a โ€œBlind Photographerโ€ my sight is really blurry but i can just about frame a shot by the lines. I donโ€™t often know what the lines of the objects are, lol. But itโ€™s how i can get some good images now and then! ๐Ÿ˜€ย 

A black and white photo of my Taylor Koa K22 with lots of textured shadows

As i could get my hands on this guitarโ€ฆ.I knew exactly what the lines were! lol.

I thought this weeks Photo Challengeย was an ideal opportunity to post a photo of my Taylor K22ce acoustic guitar, which is made from the exotic tropical wood Hawaiian Koa. I just love the lines of this beautiful wood and never get bored looking at them.