About Steve

“You don’t need sight to see, you need vision”.

“I strongly believe that Disability doesn’t have to mean inability or lack of creative talent!”

Me taking a photo with Sony

Hi, i’m Steve Rebus, it’s such a blessing to see you here. I used to enjoy photography when I was sighted, taking and developing photos in my Dad’s darkroom, When I lost most my sight 17 years ago I thought this would put a stop to my hobby but I have learned that my camera can act as my eyes allowing me to see what my own eyes will not.

I am proud of the fact that I have been able to produce photographs despite my visual impairment– and like to think that although I may have lost my useful sight I have not lost my vision and instinct for a good photograph.

I wanted this stand alone photography blog, to be a place where people can relax, drink some coffee and enjoy browsing through individual photos, photo galleries, find out about my photo exhibitions and see my entries to the weekly photo challenges! 

Also i wanted a place where you can comment, give me feedback or chat about cameras, apps, photo editing software etc. I hope you enjoy your time here as much as i enjoy taking photos! 🙂

My other blog:


Me  Sarah playing in Church

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