Tuscany Tour: Day 3 – San Gimignano

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The dark cloak of night consumed us, light had escaped the dungeon of darkness but had vanished..…Sorry, just trying to set the mood for the final destination on our amazing Tuscany in a day tour.

Chiara had been telling us of the year 1348 when the black death had wiped out over ⅔ of the walled medieval town of San Gimignano, the majority of the people who survived the terror had left. Continuing on this theme, and the fact that it was totally dark outside (due to this time of year) set the scene for what we were about to experience!

Welcome to San Gimignano…

San Gimignano

After a short walk uphill, the group arrived at the main entrance of the walled town. We then had about 45 minutes free time to explore, then meet back here. Afterr the group dispersed, Sarah & i entered… 

No amount of photos could ever get across the feeling of this place! The black windows towering over you from each side, the silence and the shadows following you everywhere, generated a smothering atmosphere that had flavours of Fear, Death, Sorrow for the people of old, Awe and a weird taste of Joy and amazement. You really can only experience San Gimignano by physically being here! 

San Gimignano 4

San Gimignano 1

San Gimignano 5

San Gimignano 2

As Sarah was checking out the few little shops on the main walkway, i’d stay outside and just stand, soaking up the atmosphere that my words can’t describe. Sarah says “They only sell pottery or Knives”.

San Gimignano Shop

San Gimignano 3

As i was stood (see above) it was completely silent. Then all of a sudden i heard heavy footsteps from behind sounding like they were headed straight for me. I expected to see a blade sticking out of the front of my chest as an assassin wearing a monks tunic (from the video game (assassins creed) shot out of the shadows sending me to paradise.

As i turned though it was just a person leaving the church behind me, although i’m still not sure how they managed the booming footstep thing. My imagination really doesn’t help my heart at times like these! 🙂

San Gimignano 7

As we met back up with the group having felt we’d been to probably the most special place of the trip. We were so grateful we hadn’t decided to stay in the coach as it was just too dark to risk having accidents. 

I really hope you’ve enjoyed joining us on the “Tuscany in a day” tour?!

Which city was your favourite?

The Siena Cathedral with its humbug bell tower, is my favourite church building of all time (so far).

What is your favourite church building? And why?

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9 thoughts on “Tuscany Tour: Day 3 – San Gimignano

  1. Steve, glad you got to visit San Gimignano. My husband and I toured there many years ago. Beautiful in its own medieval way. I loved walking along the top of the city walls. The tiled rooftops with a backdrop of the countryside was lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow that sounds amazing! Sarah & i really want to go back in the daylight so we can get to see much more of this amazing city. We were really restricted by the night, so we will return, maybe next year.
      So pleased you were also blessed by this place, thanks for your kind comments, and for always stopping by and taking precious time to read and look at my photos! God bless. 🙂


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  3. Wow Steve, I would love to visit San Gimignano, such atmosphere and history and so wonderfully described by you in narrative and beautiful, evocative photos. What an incredible time you had…your video games will seem much more real to you after this…better watch out for those cloaked monks, LOL 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow, now this is high praise indeed! Thanks Sherri for being maybe too kind with your praise! lol. 🙂
      This place really was everything i tried to describe, i’m telling everyone that it’s a must visit place! I’d like to go back in the daylight and spend a day walking around and seeing the towers, we really could only stick to the straight path as it was too dark for us. Maybe next year! 🙂
      I’ve never played Assassins Creed (i do like the hooded tunics though), but Sarah’s little brother is crazy about it. I suppose i’m lucky i can’t see to play the violent games anymore so i can’t be tempted. I just knew he’d love it if i mentioned it, and of course i’m sure it must have been influenced by this spooky place, lol. 🙂
      God bless you Sherri for always making me smile overtime i see you’ve commented, and for encouraging me always, your loving brother, Steve. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • So well deserved Steve, and I mean every word 🙂 Definitely worth another visit if you can make it! I’m out of the loop with these games now too, but I’m sure Sarah’s brother would have been thrilled at the mention of his favourite one 😉 Ahh…as you always make me smile with your comments too dear brother, great sharing the journey with you. I’ll be signing off today with a short post, got so much to do before the boys arrive home for Christmas and need to spend family time until hubby goes back to work in the New Year, so if I don’t see you before then, I want to wish you and Sarah a most blessed and joy-filled Christmas and New Year and look forward to catching up in 2015! God bless you too Steve…Your loving sister, Sherri 🙂

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